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Stainless Steel Cabinet factory

Steinless steel panel cabinet uses door opening embedded processing, which will be a good choice to provide convenience for your outdoor kitchen.
Barbecue door
304 stainless steel structure
All our barbecue doors are made of high-quality 304 stainless steel. Compared with 201 stainless steel, our products are more durable, have better corrosion resistance and scratch resistance, and are not afraid of wind and rain outdoors. High quality products, long service life, easy to clean
Exquisite workmanship
We are committed to the development of discovery hardware customization. Through smooth welded joints and seamless corners, we can extend the service life and improve the firmness at the same time.

[product model] pantry cabinet is durable and not easy to deform. This kind of door is also widely used in indoor or outdoor kitchen, house tableware, food materials and so on. Entering the cabinet
[high quality] the lockers are made of high quality 304 stainless steel, which has good anti-corrosion, anti scratch and mute functions.
[beautiful] it is processed by wire drawing technology. Highlight the atmosphere and elegance of the kitchen.
[ergonomic design] the door is closely separated from the frame to prevent rain and dust from entering. Keep the cabinets clean and tidy. Suitable for indoor or outdoor kitchen, no fear of wind and rain, especially outdoor kitchen and outdoor barbecue restaurant, the corner of the cabinet adopts humanized design to avoid collision. Safety.
Send your dimension and hole size requirements. We will provide considerate service to your satisfaction. We are dedicated to provide our customers with cheaper and better products.
Stainless Steel Cabinet factory

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